sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2010

After one day of work

Almost everyday I wake up 05:00 am.I have to go work,but I really like it,but I would like more if I could can wake up 06:30 as today.
Take the bus,See the same persons there everyday and listen everybody talking in the same time...Sometimes it is very funny.
I like my job,it is a good place and I need to tell how much love work in BH,woooow,for me It is a special city,I love everythings here.
I start to work 07:00 am and finish 05:20 pm...It's a long time but is better feel me tired of a place where I like to work then work short time where I hate.
When I go home,isn't possible sit on the bus,so many people,haha...everybody tired,but always happy and making jokes.
Arrive at home to me is a gift.See my family and some friends and claro know that my boyfriend is waiting for is the most important thing,we sit on the couch and watch TV...I almost always sleep,and maybe he thinks "My girl is lazy and don't want be with me" but If he knew how much is good to me be close him even if Im sleeping...It make me feel peace and when he wake up and day "Go to bed" it is so cute...I can't wait to come at home and give a big hug in my cutest boy ...and kiss him before I sleep on the couch because after maybe I will go sleeping to my bed tired and lazy but feeling my heart happy,because I had a special day and I have specials persons in my like who always will live on my heart...forever!!!

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  1. My baby. You are so cute when you are sleeping on the couch. I wish carry you to your bed someday. Haha. You are lazy, but I know you want to be with me. ;) Beijos