quinta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2010

I love you min älskling

It is my first post,and I want to start it telling about the best person I have in my life.
His name is Johan Grindsäter,my cute boy from Sweden.
We met in December of 2008,on couchsurfing chat,I said "Hello" to him and he very polite answer me.Since the first time we talk,I already knew he was a special boy and he show me it everyday.Nobody never did for me what he do,it is why I feel so special with him.
Even when Johan is in Sweden and I in Brazil,he knows show his love for me very well,on phone,internet or letters,and I'm sure that the distance will not can make us give up but it will make us fight hard to be together forever on the future.

I could not find someone better then you my baby,Jag älskar dig!

Um comentário:

  1. My love! You are the most wonderful and important person in my life. The best thing that I have done in my life was to go to Brazil and meet you. Thank you for this very sweet words. And thank you for be mine. And I can never thank you enough for write to me on couchsurfing chat. Te amo indescritivel.