sábado, 1 de maio de 2010


Why something bad always happen,when I am happy?Maybe it's my lucky.
I would travel to Sweden in December,but maybe it will be not possible anymore,because my workmate will have vocation in December,and he works longer then me here,then you can imagine,why I have to stay here working and him travel...:(
My manager said maybe I can travel in November,but I wish so much celebrate christmas and new year with my boyfriend and his family,I was dreaming about it.
I'm very afraid about they say to me in soon:"Sorry you can't travel this year",fuck,Why does it have to happen now?Just when I see the price was cheap,and I could pay almost everythings now?
So sad day is today!I want to scream and don't need worry about it,BUT I CAN NOT.

What should I do?

Que saco

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  1. Amor. Even if you cant celebrate christmas and new year with me I will be happy you come anyway. But we will pray that you can come here in december and that the ticket is not too expensive. Big kiss